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If you are serious about your writing career, then original content is the key. But first let’s talk about why original content is so important. There are two major reasons for the original content and both have to do with search engines. You see, Google and other search engines penalize websites that only feature a small amount of original content. This is because they want to provide internet surfers with the most relevant results possible. So, if you want your website to be featured on the first page of a search result, then you have to be providing a lot more than just text.

People tend to forget that when they visit a website they are not just viewing information. They are also viewing information that has been spun in a way that they will think that it is useful or interesting. So, when you are creating original content for your blog post, article or website, you have to make sure that people will take notice and that they will really enjoy reading it. You have to give people the impression that they can use or learn something from this article or that post.

Now, that may sound like a tall order but when you start to find real examples of great content sites you’ll realize just how difficult this can be. Most of the sites that you find through search engines like Google or Yahoo! aren’t blogs or news articles. Instead, they are a business, product or personal marketing blogs or news articles.

However, if you want to achieve great results you will need to give people plenty of original content. The reason for this is simple. It’s your duty as a writer to make sure that the information you are providing them is original.

Now, you could create original content in an original manner by simply using a blog post. For example, if you wrote a sponsored post about Harvard Business Review, which happens to be one of the leading business review sites in the country, you would include original content material within the blog post. You could also include original content material in articles you have written. However, if you want to make the most of your original content material, you should try to submit original content to more than one blog post or article. This way, you get to spread your original content on a wider basis and you also help to make yourself more credible among various readers.

If you write a blog post or article that isn’t very original, people might just ignore your efforts altogether. A great way around this is to publish your content on different websites. Once you’ve posted your article or blog post on such a site, you will become eligible for a link on their website or they will mention your article on their site. This can help you spread the original content material even further.

Of course, it is best to have your original content material distributed on many websites. One good place to distribute such articles or blog posts is through EzineArticles. There are many and article directories out there. When you submit your posts or blog posts to these directories, your posts and original content material will be published on a lot of different advertising websites.

It is important that you do some keyword research before writing articles or blog posts. It’s because using poor search engine optimized keywords might make your content material available to only those who are willing to pay for it. For instance, if your content material is primarily marketed towards the local audience, it would make sense to use local search terms in your content material. On the other hand, if your target market is international, it would be better to avoid including international search terms in your article and original content material. This way, you will be assured of wide distribution to a wider audience. Just remember that you will need to consider how your original content material will fare amongst different search engines once you have distributed it.



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