Effects of Graphic Content on Children

Graphic content refers to the portrayal of especially graphic, realistic and repulsive acts of violent behavior in a visual medium like television, film, and video games. It can be live action, fictional, live action, or purely cartoon. These are usually present on the internet as advertisements, where the violence is so over the top that it becomes disturbing to the viewers. There are many instances of this happening on the internet.

The most common graphic content in video games includes blood, intestines, monsters and more. This content is usually displayed without permission of the owners. Even if these things are gruesome and totally not acceptable for children, they are often being advertised and sold to the audience. Some other graphic content can be pictures of genitalia and other forms of bodily organs, which are usually offensive to most viewers. These images are normally promoted by some game companies to attract more players to their games.

However, not all graphic content is harmful to children. There are some adults who are drawn to graphic content because they find it fascinating and funny. There are some who actually have a deep need for them, which often leads them to website marketing with this type of content. It is not uncommon for these people to become addicted to these games. They do not only see these graphic contents as entertainment but they actually find it a stress reliever from their hectic lives.

Parents should carefully watch out for this emerging trend, which is not only detrimental to the society but also to their children as well. With many games being developed with digital content strategist, these people can often become addicted and display these characters or actions in their home. Because of this, many parents are now beginning to place parental controls on their home computer systems to block these websites. Although this action does not guarantee the end of the enjoyment of games, it is a sure guarantee that the kids will be safer when they visit these websites.

Although there is a slight risk involved, giving children a chance to experience graphic content is good for their psychological growth. This is especially true since most games that are being developed nowadays are more mature than the ones that we played decades ago. Today, children are exposed to more violent and mature characters. Although this usually attracts a lot of violent reactions from these characters, they actually play this role as part of the role-playing game. In fact, most online role-playing games nowadays are about monsters and other violent characters.

Some parents would rather their kids play games that have minimal violence and content, especially those developed by companies that are popular globally. They want their kids to learn not to express anger and other negative emotions through playing games that include a lot of graphic content. They just don’t want their children to lose their moral values through the actions they perform in these games. Through time, the web content development of technology has helped the industry to develop these games without compromising on the quality and value of the graphic content.

Although some people may see this as a form of censorship, it is actually a way of making children become more open-minded. Parents can choose to play the games with minimal graphic content that will help their children to enhance their knowledge about things such as color, numbers, and letters. Through time, these games will teach them how to express themselves and learn how to think for themselves. By playing these types of games, children will also develop better communication skills.

Aside from helping children enhance their skills and abilities, playing games online also helps parents to boost their own parenting skills. They will learn how to supervise their kids while they are playing games online. This helps them build up their parenting skills by knowing what their kids should be doing and when they should do it. They will learn how to control their own children’s actions and what they should not do. Playing graphic content will help them understand why they need to remain calm all the time.



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